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What I learned in school today

Posted by on June 29, 2007 – 12:00 am

I’ve started a new job this summer at my children’s preschool. Well it’s their preschool now, but it used to be mine. It happens to be the same school that my own mommy brought me to when I was their age. It’s also located at my church, so I have many long standing friends, memories and reasons to enjoy spending time there.

But in order to work at the preschool, you must complete a certain number of training hours. These hours include CPR training and First Aid. This past Saturday I spent 5 hours learning everything from how to dislodge a hot dog from a child’s throat to how NOT to treat a burn. I came home that afternoon flush with my newfound knowledge and promptly proceeded to stuff it down my friend’s throats.

About the time their eyes began to gloss over, I remembered that I have the perfect media in which to enlighten multiple unsuspecting civilians at once. My EV Mom’s blog.So here goes, in no particular order. And I could go on forever, but I’ll just list the items I suspect might help my fellow parents. You are my target audience after all.

Rule #1 – We live in the city. If your child gets hurt and you feel like you might be too freaked out to drive him or her to the hospital, you probably are. Call an ambulance. The response time is about 3.5 minutes to your home.

Rule #2 – If you need to call 9-1-1 for any reason, try your best to call from a landline. Cell phones are great on the highway, but a landline will get help to your location much faster and more accurately.

Rule #3 – Part A: When cleaning a wound, wear gloves. For your sake as well as the person you’re helping. There are a lot of diseases out there in the world that a person can carry without knowing it.

Part B: Wash the wound with soap and water ONLY. No creams, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol or Iodine. Just soap and water. Then ice it and bandage it if necessary. You are only allowed to use tweezers if it’s your own child.

Rule #4 – If you or your child knocks out a tooth, baby or adult, place it in milk and take it with you to the dentist. The milk keeps it clean and most of the time the tooth can be put back in. I know, why replace a baby tooth? So that the other teeth don’t crowd in around the hole causing problems later for the adult teeth.

Rule #5 – Do NOT put anything on a burn except water until the heat is out. Putting anything on a burn (including a sunburn) just keeps the heat in and makes the burn worse. If the heat can’t escape, it will go back down and further into your skin. For those old wives out there, we do not use condiments on a burn!

Rule #6 – When in doubt, call Poison Control. The number is (800) 222-1222. They’re open 24/7 and can answer any question from where to store your cleaning products and medicines safely to how to treat a bee sting. They love to hear from you.

Rule #7 – Antibacterial soap is not a good idea. This stuff kills just as many good bacteria as bad. Our overuse of this product is creating supernova strains of nastier and nastier bugs and therefore making our children sicker by the day. Regular soap is just as good if not better for everyday use.

That’s it for now. My compliments to Moira, my fabulous CPR/First Aid teacher. She made learning this stuff (and much more) fun and interesting. Moira, if you’re reading this – I hope I’ve passed on just a little of your wisdom today.