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An A+ Report

July 31, 2007 – 6:12 pm

The definition of “stand-up comedy”.

Jack came home from school today with an Accident Report. These reports generally contain things like:

“Incident: Scraped his knee on the playground.

Action taken: Cleaned and applied a band-aid.”

Jack’s report however …

"Up north"

July 30, 2007 – 11:07 am

As we faced yet another hot, hot weekend in the Valley, my family and I decided for a last escape up north before school gets under way. My parents have a small second-home in the …

An inspiring tale of the human spirit

July 25, 2007 – 1:52 pm

My Great Aunt Darlene turned 80 years old this year.

Has she taken up knitting and grabbing the shuttle to Casino Arizona with her buddies? No, she has not. Instead she hopped on an …

Vacation memories and routine bliss

July 24, 2007 – 9:03 am

My family spent the last week in Southern California visiting family and taking in the sites around town. It was a much-needed time to reconnect, my first vacation since returning to work full-time.Now that I’m …

I do it myself

July 13, 2007 – 1:16 pm

My daughter is 2 and a half going on 12. She is in that stage where she wants to at least attempt to do nearly all tasks on her own. She is willing to ask …

Back talking and tongue washing

July 12, 2007 – 11:03 am

So when is it time to pull out the soap and do mouth washing?I

What the future holds

July 11, 2007 – 9:02 am

I saw a glimpse of my future in my rear-view mirror this morning.It started off when we all got in the car to drive to day care. My daughter and son have new backpacks and …

Getting to the heart of the matter

July 10, 2007 – 6:16 pm

My 5-year-old son Nick is becoming a man under my nose. His behaviors have become such a mystery to me lately that I made a trip to Barnes and Noble in search of help. …

A minute of your time

July 9, 2007 – 1:07 pm

With small children in the house my entire day has been broken down into tiny increments.

“Time Out, Emma. Three minutes.”

“One more minute Jack and it’s Nick’s turn with the motorcycle.”

“Nick, you can play in …

National Lampoon's throws a party

July 5, 2007 – 8:07 am

It’s become tradition for us to invite all of our friends over to watch the Mesquite High School fireworks from our backyard, and this year was no different. Except for the lack of fireworks, …