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Free range kids: What would you do?

January 30, 2009 – 3:12 pm

When is it time to give your kids some freedom? Mine are only 6 and 4, but I do try to let them have some free reign at home. If my son has done his …

So who is behind the "EV Moms" blog?

January 28, 2009 – 1:46 pm

I received one of those “25 things about me” e-mail that threatens to take away my dog and the tree in the front yard if I don’t answer it in 24 hours. Ok, not exactly. But …

Where is a magic clock when you need it?

January 27, 2009 – 10:22 am

I sat in bed late last night – still wildly awake from working late last night – and thought about a devise I wish someone would create.
A clock. A special clock that alarms in intervals …

Star Wars and the preschool student: Maybe it was too early

January 26, 2009 – 9:32 am

About a month ago, my kids announced they wanted to watch “Star Wars” during movie night at our house. They picked “Return of the Jedi” – and my daughter has been obsessed with Princess Leia since then. Ok, …

A dance starts the day right

January 23, 2009 – 1:24 pm

A favorite song playing.
A stolen moment.
Too often, it passes too quickly. So I stop, sweep up my daughter out of her carseat.
And dance in the parking lot of her school.
We pause. We sing.
The music is …

A few breakfast tips for parents

January 23, 2009 – 1:20 pm

I received this today and thought I would pass it along:
There’s a reason why breakfast is called the “most important meal of the day”: studies conclude children who eat breakfast tend to have more adequate …

More students hit mark for AIMS High Honors Tuition Scholarships

January 22, 2009 – 3:58 pm

The latest numbers show 4,338 students qualified for the AIMS High Honors Tuition Scholarship in 2008, according to Tom Horne, state superintendent of public instruction. To qualify, students must exceed on the AIMS test and …

More scholarship deadlines coming up

January 22, 2009 – 1:18 pm

This news came into the Tribune today:
Hispanic college students pursuing degrees in math, science, engineering or technology are invited to apply for more than $2 million in scholarship and internship opportunities through AHETEMS (Advancing Hispanic …

"Mom, I don't want to go to school"

January 22, 2009 – 12:18 pm

My 4-year-old daughter awoke at 6:40 this morning and said to me – for the fourth time this week – “Mom, I don’t want to go to school.”
What makes a preschooler who spends her day …

"Rock Rama" takes office today

January 20, 2009 – 11:38 am

On the drive to preschool this morning, I turned on a news radio station and explained to my daughter what today was all about. “Rock Rama became president,” my 4-year-old told me. Her grandmother told …