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Teachers sometimes teach the parent, too

March 31, 2009 – 12:09 pm

I attended my son’s IEP (individual education plan) meeting this morning. He is in his second year of kindergarten. Since he turned 3, he has been on an IEP in our school district for speech/language services.
We were running …

What would be easier: an earlier or later school start time?

March 26, 2009 – 11:09 am

My school district is debating changes to school start times. The argument is that high school students do better when they start later in the day, since most of them stay up later at night. …

Wiki scholarship deadline approaching

March 26, 2009 – 11:08 am

I received this notice today:
Visit http://wikianswers.com/static/scholarship_program.html to earn a chance for a $1,000 scholarship.
Here are some of the details:
    * The WikiAnswers.com Scholarship Program plans to award twenty scholarships valued at $1,000 each for use …

Life is a tangled mess sometimes

March 25, 2009 – 11:39 am

I’m at my wit’s end with my daughter’s hair. She has long hair that at one point was very curly. It’s now somewhat wavy.
It goes past the middle of her back.
And she HATES to have …

Son returns to school, mom is back at work

March 23, 2009 – 9:34 am

Forgive my absence! My 6-year-old son had his tonsils removed and I took a week off work following the surgery. He did amazing. He slept through the night the last two nights – the first …

Surgery countdown is on

March 13, 2009 – 4:01 pm

Well, my son is a bit more anxious about his surgery next week. He’s getting his tonsils and adenoids out. A sleep study showed what my husband and I have known for years – he …

Remodel continues: Bathrooms done

March 12, 2009 – 3:59 pm

My husband came down from the upstairs last night triumphant.
“We have working toilets upstairs!” he announced.
My son, 6-years-old, looked at his dad and said, “So when it’s Saturday again, can you do my room?”
My husband …

One illness down, one surgery to go

March 11, 2009 – 4:38 pm

My house has been through the wringer the last few weeks. At one point it smelled like disinfectant, Vicks vapor rub and, I hate to say it, vomit all at once.
And me? Big black bags …

How come my 4-year-old sounds like she's 12?

March 10, 2009 – 1:36 pm

Ok, so let me confess first: I argued today with a 4-year-old about our family computer. She is home sick – well, banned from daycare until her belly is better (which, I am happy to …

Memories of Barbie on her birthday

March 9, 2009 – 12:40 pm

She’s 50 years old today, but doesn’t look a day older than 25. I remember our shared days. My family had an “Arizona Room” at our house. I had my dolls there and would sit …