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Dreaded weekend activity: Matching socks

April 28, 2009 – 9:37 am

Ok, I admit it. I hate, hate, HATE doing laundry. It’s not the putting it into the washer and dryer that I dislike. It’s the folding, putting away and organizing of piles for the various …

Why does choosing a school have to be so hard?

April 23, 2009 – 9:11 pm

I think the toughest part of being a parent is the realization you’re making choices for someone else. At this point in my kids’ lives, I’m the one deciding for the most part what we’re …

What to do about "I'm hungry" when it's 8:45 at night?

April 16, 2009 – 11:02 am

Last night, one after another, both my children announced as we were reading bedtime stories, “I’m hungry.”
Dinner had been two hours before. I confess my daughter didn’t each much – two slices of cheese and …

Mother's Day writing contest welcomes kids' views

April 16, 2009 – 10:56 am

This news came into the Tribune today:
A kids’ writing contest: 7 reasons I love my mom
Children celebrate Mother’s Day by telling the world why their Mom is so special. May 10th is Mother’s Day. To …

Confession: I'm a thank-you letter slacker

April 15, 2009 – 4:40 pm

Ok, I confess. We didn’t get thank you letters sent out after my daughter’s 4-year birthday party a couple months ago. Come to think of it, we didn’t send them out after Christmas either. I …

Saturday walk to promote health of babies

April 14, 2009 – 3:37 pm

This news came into the Tribune this week:
On April 18, Valley families will gather to walk for one reason – to improve the health of all babies. Walkers will raise funds for this event, the …

Foreign study scholarship announced

April 9, 2009 – 1:37 pm

This information came into the Tribune this week:
A new scholarship program designed to increase the number of African Americans who study abroad was announced today.
The new program, launched by the National Association for Equal Opportunity …