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What to do about "I'm hungry" when it's 8:45 at night?

Posted by on April 16, 2009 – 11:02 am

kids-eat1Last night, one after another, both my children announced as we were reading bedtime stories, “I’m hungry.”
Dinner had been two hours before. I confess my daughter didn’t each much – two slices of cheese and a yogurt . But she said she was full. My son said the same after his dinner of sausage and rice (sans rice). They had finished their baths, their jumping around, their 15-minutes of video games. Really, at that point, it was time for lights out.
Only that’s not what happened. My son wandered downstairs and daddy gave him a plate of taquitos. My daughter ate more cheese.
So then they didn’t get to bed until 9ish. Fortunately, our morning didn’t go bad.
I’m sure they were just stalling, but then again, I’ve had episodes where one or the other has woken up at 4 or 5 a.m. and announced, “I’m hungry” and I really didn’t want a repeat of that.
Maybe I’ll do what a friend does: snack in the bathtub.
Then again, the kids take showers. Hmmm… any suggestions on water-proof food?


  • Rebecca says:

    I am so relieved to hear that I am not the only one dealing with this. My son has been doing this a lot lately. Usually I let him have a bowl of cereal but tonight it was already a half hour past his normal bedtime so I made him go to bed without anything. It had been less than two hours since dinner so I found it hard to believe that he could be as starving as he claimed. I’m wondering if it’s a stall tactic for him.

    Anyway, the snack in the bathtub is funny although I have heard of parents who feed their kids popsicles during their baths :-)

  • Caitlin says:

    I used to eat ice cream in the bath when i was youger :)

  • Robert says:

    When your children say they are hungry they mean it. I have the same problem with my mum. A new plan would be a good idea. This is what I do.. .get home from school, homework with a slice of toast or something with a drink, then a bit of tv/free time for around 10 minutes and then dinner with a dessert afterward … usually a chocolate bar and then bath/shower. Finally I have free time at the last 10/20 minutes … (but) I’m hungry and this is where I have the problem. I sometimes have a rice cracker or something light like a rusk then I clean my teeth and go to bed. I hope this is help to you. And no I’m not fat. I’m 13.

  • Riel says:

    That’s right, Robert. Kids do need food, and they mean it when they say it. After school, I too go and grab a good snack. I have like, goldfish at night before bed, but I also have – don’t laugh – peanut butter on a spoon … I’m not fat either, trust me. I monitor how much I eat, and I know when I’m full. I’m almost 12!

  • elanor says:

    Hey, it’s really OK. My brother and I actually eat more than my mom. They’re just hungry. I’m 13 and that has happened to me so many times, where I wake up @ 4 and am hungry. I think what u should do is have a box in your room w/snacks so they don’t have to get up and go to the kitchen. That’s what I do. Just, u know, like don’t feed them a bunch of junk or anything like that. That includes Goldfish, tortilla chips, and white bread. Yogurt and cheese are fine. Don’t stress. They’re just growing.

  • Renee says:

    Your children are stalling. Especially if you are giving them dinner and they are not eating it, it is inappropriate to give them snacks before bedtime. And do not, DO NOT let it become a routine.