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Holiday baking: Fudge in a box

Posted by on December 16, 2010 – 4:50 pm

This week is CRAZY (ok, so are the next few weeks). So when I bought baking supplies from the store, I picked up a few easy, put together kits (that bakes up goodies I don’t have to find recipes for).
I worked late last night so when I got home, there was only an hour before bedtime. I pulled out this fudge kit. The directions were pretty easy: dump the supplies in the right order into the sauce pan, stir it up then pour it into the pan. I gave my daughter the job to pour the ingredients in (I think more than a few marshmallows and chocolate chips ended up in her mouth rather than the pan). The mixture was a little tough to stir near the end so that ended up being my job.
The box even came with a pan to pour the mixture into before refrigerating. We took a taste test this morning: yummy!
I’m going to try to make my great-grandmother’s butter fudge next so we can compare. Besides, I have to get these goodies out to my neighbors soon. They’re disappearing in my house!

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