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A supportive, creative community in mom blogs

Posted by on May 12, 2011 – 10:04 am

East Valley Mom Bloggers ConnectFour years ago last month I began blogging. My first post was advice for my sister, who was then expecting her first child.

At that time, my son was 4 and my daughter was 2.

The paper was just developing the EV Moms brand and asked me to join in the discussion.

I didn’t even know what a blog was.

Today, I can barely go a day without checking in with my favorite mom blogs. Some cover general day-in-a-life topics, others discuss motherhood and spirituality and yet others offer advice on the home.

I’m addicted.

But many of the mom blogs I read are women who live out of state, or even out of the country.

So I’m on a new mission: to find Valley mom blogs and share them with others.

I came across three women in the past two weeks who fit the bill exactly.

Shawni Ponthier was just named American Mothers Inc.’s national Young Mother of the Year. The Gilbert mom to five children writes about her daily activities on her blog, 71 Toes. It began as a way to keep in touch with her eight siblings, but has become a place other moms come to gather words of wisdom.

“I really started it to keep track of what we’re doing as a family and to keep in touch with my family,” she says. “It started to take off word of mouth.”

Ponthier also shares stories about her youngest daughter who has been diagnosed with Bardet-Biedl syndrome, and will become blind unless research finds a cure.

The “I Love Lucy Project” raises funds to fight blindness. And when Ponthier learned advertisers may be interested in her blog, she went with the idea to help raise money for the cause.

Blogging, she said, is a “powerful tool” for moms.

“I feel it’s great. It’s given women an opportunity to share what they think is important to them,” she says.

Gilbert’s Wendy Wright discovered blogging when she took over the blog for her Mothers of Preschoolers club.

But her own blog, Choosing Love, began in March 2010 after she was challenged to keep a journal for a week as part of a Bible study. With the physical struggle Wright faces using a pencil, she decided to use the computer.

“My blog was born that day and what started as an attempt to use something beyond pencil and paper in order to save my hands for just a mere seven days has turned into hundreds of posts and thousands of words,” she says.

Wright uses her blog to share her personal stories, including struggles in childhood and her faith.

“It is a hobby and is cheaper than therapy,” Wright says. “I started it as a way to work through issues and find a way to hopefully help someone along the way. Several friends read the blog and have provided encouraging words. I have started to accept advertising, but I will not put something on my blog just to make money when it goes against my beliefs or things I am passionate about. My integrity comes first.”

San Tan Valley blogger Morgan Swift started Becoming Home Grown in May 2009.

The blog began as a way to chronicle home projects, such as refinishing a table or starting a garden on a “tight budget,” she says.

“I started to blog primarily about gardening and the trial and errors that came with it. However after I started blogging about gardening, I started to gradually include all of my trials and errors in life. These included my cooking failures and success, painting a chalkboard door for kids in a hallway (an extremely stupid idea on my part), and other Do It Yourself projects,” she says. “Blogging started as a hobby but turned into a passion. I love reading others successes and tips and I love sharing my misadventures in life.”

If you live in the East Valley and keep a mom blog, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a note in the comments below, or use the contact form on my About page. Let’s continue the conversation, and develop a community of local bloggers who support one another.

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  • Mrs. Smith says:

    Two awesome, East Valley mom bloggers are Grace & Noelle.

    Grace blogs about her two boys, the chickens garden they’re raising on their urban farm and the clothes she designs. She was just featured in the April issue of 202 Magazine. http://finleyandoliver.blogspot.com

    Noelle is a horticulturist. She blogs about gardening, landscape design and her family (3 of their 5 kids were adopted from China!). Noelle was also just featured in the May issue of 202 Magazine. http://www.azplantlady.com

    Grace and Noelle are actually sisters! They are down-to-earth and super friendly & creative.