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White House visit gives E.V. lawmaker new inspiration

Posted by on June 20, 2011 – 2:24 pm

David Schapira (Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services)State Sen. David Schapira, D-Tempe, spent one afternoon last week at the White House with the Young Elected Officials Network.

The event gave Schapira, also a Tempe Union High School District board member, an opportunity to talk with President Barack Obama.

“I had a chance to talk to the president about education and the Arizona fires,” Schapira said via phone on June 17, the day of the meeting. “He expressed support for our folks in Arizona working hard to put out the flames. He mentioned he’s going to continue to do everything he can do to help us.”

Schapira spoke with the Tribune from the White House immediately following the event,

Schapira is the Arizona Senate minority leader and has been a member of the Young Elected Officials Network, a project of People For the American Way Foundation, since he was first elected in 2006 to the State House. He was 26 at that time, according to the Arizona State Senate’s Democratic Caucus website. Now 31, he is the youngest member of the State Senate.

Schapira is a former school teacher and a member of the Senate education committee. Regarding education, Schapira said he hopes to take what the president and others said back to Arizona to “fight on behalf of students and make sure we are working at a local level to make our schools the best they can be.”

He’s hoping to fend off more cuts to public education. Arizona cut aid to the universities by $198 million for the upcoming fiscal year, and sliced K-12 education by $183 million.

His visit to the White House, “reinvigorates me to go back home,” Schapira said, “and fight the good fight to make sure students are learning at the best of their ability.”


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  • peggy says:

    It’s not surprising that Mr. Schapira was invited to meet with President Obama. After all, neither have any first-hand experience to deal with the current problems in our state or country. Both are merely products of academia and puppets for the unions. Both have an agenda to completely control the citizens, starting with propaganda being pushed in the public schools to influence our kids at a young age. Mr. Schapira consistently supports legislation that will allow public schools to carry more influence on our children than parents themselves.

    It’s because of Mr. Schapira, President Obama, and Kevin Jennings (recently resigned from Obama’s administration, but watch out where he may reappear in the future) that I would not enroll my three adult children in a public school if I were starting over.

    And since neither Mr. Schapira nor President Obama have ever met a payroll or run a business, why do we trust either of them to make the correct decisions about our struggling economy?

  • azwayne says:

    Thank you , Peggy, for indentifying our biggest enemies. When legislators know nothing except throw our money at the problem we get no improvement we just get deeper in debt. Mr Schapira and ODUMBO never discussed what is needed or discussed improvement at all. All they are concerned about is how to get more money for themselves and worthless administration. Quit wasting our money on illegals and use limited resources to teach our children. We hear little about companies abusing school districts out of millions for their expensive abuses, what has been done, schools reimbursed,No, wasted payments stopped , NO