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School supplies in high demand

Posted by on July 14, 2011 – 5:25 pm

Shopping for school supplies

Three shopping trips, luckily with a sleeping baby, a few frazzled moments as we wandered from aisle to aisle, and five (or was it six?) bags later — and I think we’re done.

Welcome to back-to-school shopping season (who doesn’t have that commercial with “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” running through their brain?).

My kids received school supply lists on the last day of class in May. Knowing we only have a few weeks left (and I needed to write this post), we trekked out in the 100-plus temperatures to check off some of our before-school-starts to-do list.

We did shopping. We got haircuts. We even got new shoes (I swear their feet grew two inches this summer).

And, to be honest, there are probably a few things still to purchase (like cleaning wipes and tissues requested by the teachers). But we didn’t get new backpacks this year since last year’s are in good shape!

I did look at the ads, but I’m not very good at coupons (I used two). But, I think we did OK, spending less than $150 on all supplies, haircuts and shoes (though the photo may show just one of an item, remember I’ve got two kids to buy for). Here’s the rundown (I’ve tried to note when I got items at a discount).

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  • Val says:

    Where can someone go to get help with Back to School stuff? I see all these drives for “Back to School” but everytime I contact an organization they say they can’t help or they don’t know. I am single woman getting no assistance from anyone & recently lost my job with 2 small boys in school. I don’t mean to sound racists but why does it seem like the illegal people in our country get all the help while the “other” people that paid taxes for years to support them don’t get the help when they need it?