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My new goal: Soccer coach

Posted by on September 26, 2011 – 1:23 pm

You know what happens when you ask, “So, who’s the coach?” at a soccer team organization meeting?
Excuse me while I locate my whistle.
I’m adding another segment to my “mom resume.” My 6-year-old and her best friend are preparing to play for their fourth season. And this year, I’m going along for a more intimate ride.
It was all worth it when the girls ran up to me after the meeting. “Are you coaching?” they asked with big eyes. “Um, yes,” I responded, not sure how they would react.
“YES!” the both said, pumping their fists into the air.
(In case you’re wondering: No, I’ve never coached. I did “play” one season of JV soccer in high school decades ago. I participated in practices, but really, I was more like the team manager. I didn’t once don a uniform, but I’m very familiar with the sport.)
As any mom knows, when faced with a challenge, pull out your arsenal of resources. My assistants include a dear friend who will help teach the kids the fundamentals of the game. I’ve got one awesome team mom already e-mailing everyone information (and even SHE has an assistant).
Last night I thought of the first-practice drills, but I’m sure I’ll be looking up more ideas tonight while my kids are at gymnastics. I’m so excited, thoughts of it kept me up much later than normal. I can’t wait to have this fun time with my oldest daughter.
Plus, I’ve got my husband to back me up (he’d coach, but his work schedule is crazy this time of year!). He played sports throughout high school and has coached, not only our son’s football team in the past, but a state-title winning Pop Warner team.
Yea, I’ve got this.
I think.

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