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What crazy things keep you organized?

Posted by on November 8, 2011 – 1:06 pm

When there’s a busy day in the Reese house (when is there not?), I have to take steps to remember all that needs to be accomplished. Sometimes, I write it on the white board in my kitchen. Sometimes, I load items together – like sticking my big kids’ PJs in their baby sister’s diaper bag so they get remembered.
I may have taken it a bit too far, this time, but I knew I’d be scatterbrained! I had a night meeting to attend and the kids were going to my sister-in-law’s. From there, daddy would pick them up. I planned to bring over a pizza to feed everyone. So I needed PJs, the diaper bag and the pizza. But my son and daughter had both left reading material at home that morning that I knew they would need after school.
With the diaper bag full, I found a simple solution: I stuck the homework on top of the pizza in the refrigerator. Made sense to me!
Now, if only I can find a way to quit losing my cell phone.