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The final countdown: School’s almost over for the year

Posted by on May 15, 2012 – 9:46 am

The school year is almost done! (Submitted/Photospin)

Song lyrics keeps ringing in my head this morning: “It’s the final countdown!”
Less than two weeks until school is done for the year. Gone will be third and first grade for my big kids. Gone – at least for 10 weeks – will be the homework wars (mostly with my first grader). Gone will be the anxiety of reading and making AR points.
I posted on my personal Facebook page – “I’m not sure who is happier, mom or the kids!”
My school-age children achieved a lot this year. They both did (or are completing) big projects (a first for my middle child). My daughter is writing fairly well. My son has mastered addition and subtraction facts and made a fairly good dent with multiplication and division (Note to self: keep this going this summer.).
I will say kudos to my son’s third-grade teacher. When they announced a big, three-week project to be completed during the last days of school, I thought “Oh, dear. WHEN are we going to get to that?” But it’s kept him real engaged in school and learning. I can’t wait until next week when they present them to the school and families.
What are your kids doing the last few days of school? Are they diving into new material? (My daughter could NOT stop talking about the Egyptian study they’ve started.) Are they making inventions (way to go, third graders!)?
And how do you plan to mark the last day of class?

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