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Bicycles start the summer right

Posted by on June 7, 2012 – 8:12 am

What say “summer” more than a bicycle ride?

A few days before school ended last month, my husband and I decided to order the kids new bikes. It’d been three years since they’d received their old ones, and, well, to say they’d outgrown them is an understatement.

The large packages arrived Memorial Weekend. But shortly after that, sadness struck our family with the passing of our dog. The packages – quite large – sat in the middle of the dining room without anyone saying a “peep” about them.

Sunday afternoon, while the kids were busy playing upstairs or napping, my husband cracked open the boxes and started assembling them. My 9 -year-old son even gave a hand.

By 5:30 p.m., both bikes were built and the kids were out the door. It didn’t matter that it was more than 90 degrees outside, they were determined to put them to use.

And that, they did. I pulled our picnic blanket onto the driveway. My two kids and two neighbor kids rode their bikes for hours. It was well past bedtime – nearly 9 p.m. – before I eventually put an end to the fun for sleep-sake (they have swim team practice at 7 a.m. this summer).

The next morning, it was a little tough to get them up. My son fell asleep in the afternoon. My daughter crashed early Tuesday night. My son took another nap today.

Swimming and bicycle riding are both high on my summer memory list. Looks like it’ll be the same for my children.


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