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Summer vacation stops you should make

Posted by on July 9, 2012 – 5:01 am

My son and my mom created “Washington” this weekend – a fun sewing project for them, plus an item to mark off my son’s “before I turn 12” list!

Summer break is almost over.
That statement is more true for some students than others – especially those in modified year-round schools in the East Valley. The entire Chandler Unified School District operates that way, with students due to report to class July 23.
So my kids and I came up with a list of things to do before we say, “Goodbye, summer.”
No. 1: Check out the “MathAlive 2 the Extreme” exhibit that’s just opened at the Arizona Science Center. The kids and I went to media day last week and I practically had to drag them out of there.
The first stop was to Boardercross, where kids – and adults – can race each other in a virtual snowboarding event. The lesson there is that angles can impact your speed, but the kids thought it was just fun.
My daughter found the rock wall next. Up and down, up and down she went. Who thought science could be so active?
The 360-degree angle camera was a blast, also. With cameras placed all around a circular area, participants are given a countdown to “strike a pose.”
There’s lots more to explore, too. So make sure you leave lots of time.
No. 2: Go see a movie. I bought summer movie passes through our school. While my kids have gone a few times with their cousins, I haven’t made it yet. I’m really hoping to do that this week.
No. 3: Check off a “must-do” activity. My son got a book last year, “101 Things You Gotta Do Before You Turn 12.” This weekend, he and my mom checked off one of those items: sewing. “Washington,” the stuffed dog, now has a proud place in my son’s room.
No. 4: Try a volunteer project. We checked this one off early this summer – the day school got out. I took my big kids – 7 and 10 – to Tempe’s Feed My Starving Children. It’s a great place for children to donate their time. While my son helped pack food to be shipped to hungry children overseas, my daughter and I stuck the labels on the packages.
No. 5: Finally, claim those summer-reading prizes. We signed up for the Maricopa Public Library’s summer program. While we’ve done lots of reading, I keep forgetting to stop by the library to record them!
Enjoy the last few days – or weeks – of summer. I hope they’re filled with lots of memories!

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