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2 year old takes over mommy’s blog for back-to-school rundown

Posted by on July 19, 2012 – 4:00 pm

Hi! I’m Miss L, Michelle’s nearly 2-year-old daughter (Mom has called me “2” for nearly three months. So hey, where are my presents?”)

Today I spent the day with my mom. It started easy enough. Wake up and scream, “Sissa!” That’s my big sis. She’s 7.

Anyway, then mom ordered brother and sister to get dressed. It was a BIG day. They started back to school.

But since classes don’t begin until later in the morning, we hung around the house. My brother and sister played Wii Kids Fit and did crazy moves while watching some lady exercise on the TV.

Mom said they had to “Get the wiggles out” before they went to school.

Mom tried to work on the computer. But I don’t think she got much done.

After that we got a treat: Pancakes and bacon.

Before long, mom was frantically gathering my siblings’ new backpacks and telling them to get in the car. It was time for school!

Then she made them get out to take their photo in front of our door. She said it’s “tradition” and she didn’t want to miss out. We drove them to school. There, they hopped out and ran to the playground, without saying goodbye.

Mom said it was OK. But really, I think she was a little sad.

Next, it was off to the doctor for me where we found out I have an ear infection. Since I’m sick, I’m staying home with mom. That’s OK. I don’t want her to feel lonely with the big kids gone.

Time for that nasty pink stuff. I don’t think I’ll take a nap today. Mom looks like she needs me.

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