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Bringing the home back into order after a messy summer

Posted by on July 24, 2012 – 1:58 pm

Our shoes are finally out of the front entry way and into baskets where they can be easily found.

As children prepared to head off to school, I looked at my house and sighed. Weeks of hours of play at home with lots of friends showed in the toys on the floor, the books thrown on the shelves, the shoes scattered across our front entry way.
We couldn’t even get to the door without kicking a shoe.
With the first homework assignment of the year, glitter, photos and paper were tossed on top of magazines, mail and shoes – yes, more shoes – that piled high on the dining room table.
Having little kids means having a messy, unorganized house, sometimes, I know. And I accept it for the most part.
But since those kiddos will be spending more time away than at home now, I thought it best to spend some time getting things into shape – at least so we weren’t looking for things constantly!
So we spent Sunday at home. We didn’t get any further than 30 feet out the front door to the park. And even that trip wasn’t long since it was so hot.
Hubby and kiddos and I put together a shoe organizer. We got rid of shoes that were long past their wear. After homework was done, we put away paper, and magazines. We tossed out the old to make room for the new.
It took ALL day (with lots of little breaks).
My 10-year-old was a cleaning champ (with a promise of Wii time, he really got into the cleaning).

After a flurry of weekend cleaning, we can finally access our front door without stepping on shoes and other clutter.

In the end, we can now walk to the door. We can see our dining room table. We can use our kitchen island.

Or – at the least – we have a clean slate to make the next mess!

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