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‘Mega Wedding’ highlights importance of family

Posted by on August 13, 2012 – 9:54 pm

Every now and then I look back at a story I’ve done and realize I got to share something special.
A story last week hit that note completely.
Wednesday of last week I found myself at the Waldie family home in Mesa. When I arrived, a few siblings – there are eight total – were finishing preparations for “The Mega Wedding,” which took place Friday.
In case you missed it, here’s our story about the event. And here’s the story at that ran on abc.com after “Good Morning America” did a feature on it. (There’s a link the photos of the couples there as well!)
The slogan, “the family that plays together, stays together,” could have been made for the Waldies. Each night as the children grew up, dad Doug told me, they would eat dinner as a family. Then they would spend hours talking.
Yes, talking. No video games. No television shows.
I’m sure some of those nights were filled with a game or two, but of the old-fashioned board game kind.
The weekend prior to “The Mega Wedding” – where five of the Waldie siblings got married on the same day – the children and all their soon-to-be significant others were at the Waldie house for the first time together.
Furniture was pushed out of the way in the living room and chairs were brought in from the dining nook, just so they could all be together and play, chat and anticipate the big day.
As a mom, it’s moments like that I cherish and remember. It’s the nights we sit down and play Trouble – making up our own rules as we go – that I love.
We try to do family dinner as much as possible each week, but it’s certainly not a nightly routine.
Heck, tonight we ate in shifts because of homework.
But as I look back at the story of the Waldies, I’m inspired to make more of our nights together around our own family table.

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