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Homework surge hits home

Posted by on August 23, 2012 – 10:31 am


School began more than a month ago for the Reese household. So for the big kids (fourth- and second-graders) homework’s been part of our routine nearly every night for the last three weeks.

It’s been SO much a part of our evenings that we’ve not even started back at some of our extra-curricular activities like diving, cheer and chess.

This is a big change from last year. Be it the age of the kids or their new school, between reading and their actual assignments (mostly projects and LOTS of writing), homework takes up a minimum of 60 minutes each night. And then then there are the nights where we start at 6 and we’re not done until 8 (having a 2-year-old that interrupts to entertain stretches things out a bit).

It’s made us re-evaluate our priorities. Obviously, school is the priority. We’re still getting family time. And because of their schedule, we do manage to fit in a morning or two each week at the gym to “get the wiggles out” before classes.

And we haven’t perfected our routine at all – far from it. Most nights we start the homework right away. Some nights we do it upstairs. On some mornings we’ve even finished it up before class.

Hopefully, before we hit the two-month mark of school, we’ll get this things down.

What works for you? How are your kids doing with homework each night?


  • Tookie88 says:

    Try being the teacher that has to grade all of that work! With the new Common Core coming, you can expect more time on homework. Don’t blame teachers either…it will be a district, state, and national requirement.