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Thank goodness for grandparents

Posted by on September 5, 2012 – 1:36 pm

Grandpa shows the ocean to his desert-dwelling grandchildren.

Grandparents just make life better – from the small moments holding hands on a beach and time spent sitting next to a child at a sewing machine to being a sitter so mom and dad can get a date.
I grew up with several sets of grandparents. As my interest in space and science grew in middle school, my grandmother sent me articles from the Florida newspapers she received when she spent winters there.
When my interest turned to writing, another grandparent gave me books by her favorite authors – writers writing about writing.
It’s been fun to see my parents turn into grandparents. They’re extremely attentive. My mother-in-law called after the first day of class to see how my children enjoyed their new school. My mom loves helping my son meet the many goals set in his “101 Things You Have to Do Before You’re 12” book.
When my son announced his wish to go fishing for his birthday this year, his grandfather made that happen. Another grandfather helped him create his invention project last spring for school.
My kids’ grandparents have sat through the sweltering heat of summer swim and dive meets and a rainy soccer game. They’ve accompanied the kids on school field trips and attended end-of-the-year parties.
They’ve even met us in the middle of Arizona for spring break.
We just spent the weekend in California with even more grandparents (my kids are blessed with a lot of them!). Together, they spent three days hanging out at the beach and watching the ocean, “oohing” and “ahhing” over the crash of the waves and the swoops of pelicans catching fish.
The memories we create prompt my own recollections of time with grandparents – some now gone. From fishing on a pond to travelling on a boat down an Illinois river to painting on a spring afternoon or just looking up in the stands to see them there during an ice skating competition, I have many happy moments to recall.
Thank you to all the grandparents in my children’s lives!
(Hint: It’s Grandparents Day this weekend!)


  • bizgal says:

    Now I’m missing them! Grandparents know nest for they have experienced being parents to our parents. One thing I love about my grandparents they spoiled me than my parents. haha