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Crackers on the floor, marker on the wall: Yes, a toddler lives here

Posted by on September 12, 2012 – 1:15 pm

Now, what trouble can I get into next?

There are fishy crackers all over the floor (melting in a dumped glass of milk). I spotted black marker (nonpermanent I hope) on the refrigerator this week. And naked baby dolls are strewn on every sitting spot downstairs.
I have a toddler in my house.
In my discussions with moms, there’s always one “that child” in the family. As in “that child” is the one who pulls over a chair and crawls up onto the counter. And “that child” broke the plate in the China cabinet.
My youngest is “that child.”
I never had as mischievous a child as my now 2-year old. Last night she crawled onto the dining room table – at my in-laws house. I don’t know who was more surprised: my mother in law or the curly-haired blond who discovered it’s fun to run on a table that’s 10 feet long.
And she does it all with a daring grin.
But then she bats her gorgeous, adorable baby blues – well, you get the picture.
She’s in trouble a lot, but she’s just so darn cute when she does it. Thank goodness she’s learning the rules, though. I don’t think my vacuum can take much more of this.

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