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So moms, how did you break your cell phone?

Posted by on October 11, 2012 – 8:15 am

Yes, this is probably one way to assure breakage of a cell phone. So, how did you break yours? (Photospin)

An interesting conversation took place at soccer practice Wednesday night. One mom noticed another’s cracked cell phone and asked, “What happened?”

Mom 1: “I put it on top of the car and forgot about it. I drove off to get the kids to school and it fell.”

Mom 2: “I put mine on the bumper of my car to put a child into a carpool. It fell off and I drove over it.”

Mom 3: “I crunched mine with the trunk of my car when I was in a hurry the last day of school last year.”

By the way, I’m “Mom 3.” Oh, and that was the second phone in less than four months that I had broken. In my defense, the first one broke when the kids dropped it. But I had dropped it two days prior and it was slightly cracked already, I still claim responsibility.

Here’s a theory: Moms, kids and cell phones don’t mix real well. Or at least, mom’s need a titanium cover if they’re going to have one. (And really, what mom doesn’t have a cell phone?)

What did moms do before cell phones? Oh, yea, we probably just juggled three things at a time, instead of four, five or 10.