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Cooler weather brings neighbors together

Posted by on October 23, 2012 – 7:11 am

I love this time of year, and not just because of the holidays.

After months of being indoors, the neighborhood kids start to come out more often in the evening. Even better, their parents join them. In our development – which is fairly small at about 60 homes – I’d say I’ve met no fewer than three new families in the last couple of weeks.

The best part is watching the kids play. Last week, when it was a bit breezy, a dad brought out a kite for his young kids. All the children enjoyed it. We parents sat on the park benches watching them take turns flying the shark-shaped kite and chasing it when it fell toward the ground.

While families have come and gone a lot in our little area of the East Valley the past few years, I’ve seen our neighborhood start to take root the past 12 months or so. There are children we’ve known for two, three or four years.

I have fond memories of seeing my parents sit outside our home while we kids rode our bikes into the early evening as the sun set in Arizona. I’m glad my own kids share similar childhood experiences.



  • bizgal says:

    It’s a great post! It’s true. We’ve been child once, we know how wait this month. Hope that more parents reminds their children how enjoyable to play and chat with others than playing video games.