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Sick toddler gives mom a day to cuddle and make chicken soup

Posted by on October 27, 2012 – 6:16 pm

Today I discovered that when life throws you a curve ball, make chicken soup.
We had lots planned for our weekend, not the least of which was spending time with a very special family that is moving to the East Coast on Monday.
But about 10 last night, my toddler started throwing up. And she didn’t stop until after noon.
That meant I didn’t get to my friend’s packing party, my big kids didn’t get to their karate belt test and most of the family missed our Halloween party tradition at a friend’s church.
But as I cuddled and held my sweet baby, I cherished the time. I’d missed her this week. After being off for a few days, she’d gone back to daycare Monday and I’d gone back to work. So today was a forced “timeout” for the family. We stayed in bed or on a couch a lot. We put away laundry that was washed two weeks ago (and washed more laundry after a night of puking). Hubby got to rest a twisted ankle (did I mention that one?).
My big girl got to spend the afternoon and evening at her soccer game and the Halloween party with good family friends. I’m hoping to see my soon-to-be East Coast friends tomorrow or Monday morning.
I’m watching my littlest now – feeling MUCH better – fill a water glass. She’s played with her brother and her dolls since her fever broke.
And I took some vegetables and rice and the chicken I’d made earlier this week, threw it on the stove and made homemade chicken soup.
Overall, not a bad way to spend a day at home.

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