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What does Christmas look like at your house?

Posted by on November 30, 2012 – 12:52 pm

While the kids played outside last weekend, my husband and I put up the tree and strung lights on the house.

With those two in place, the decorating part of the season began. It’ll probably take a week before all the ornaments are up on the tree (we’re doing them just a few at a time). Anyone else find that as they “randomly” put ornaments on the tree that similar types end up together? I swear I just saw four Santa Clauses clustered in one spot, three snowmen in another and two birds. How did THAT happen?

I bought mini trees for the big kids a few years ago that they’ll put in their rooms. The downstairs bathroom is completely overdone, but I like it. I would like to put a few downstairs pictures in wrapping paper just to give a more holiday look to the house.

Besides the trees in the kids’ rooms, the upstairs gets fairly neglected in terms of decorating. Anyone else here with me on this? I feel bad each year – we were even at Lowe’s this morning and I contemplated buying a live tree for upstairs – that there are not any decorating there. I certainly have enough ornaments from grandparents and great-grandparents to put on another tree. I’m giving it some thought.

Last year, I started tying the stockings to the stair-railing. My daughter loved that so much that she took on the task herself this year.

My one “new” thing so far is a wreath hanging from the bathroom mirror downstairs. I bought mini suction cups two years back and now I’m finally using them.

What fun items do you put in the children’s rooms to decorate (or do you?). I finally wised up this year, too, and put away all the children’s reading books on one shelf downstairs. Now that it’s empty, we’ll fill it with all the holidays books we have (my favorite treasures).

Happy holidays!