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Getting through the holidays one sniffle at a time

Posted by on December 12, 2012 – 4:44 am


A red nose here. Some green snot there.
Ah, the holidays are upon us.
Since just before Thanksgiving, someone in my family has battled “something” just about daily. Just when I felt I was done with the cold/bronchitis that hit me three weeks ago, new sniffles arrived. My children’s daycare and school have sent home multiple – as in sometimes two or three a week – notes home about strept infections.
Flu cases are surging in Arizona. Last week’s report showed 149 confirmed cases – 14,000 percent above last year at this time. (There were zero cases until mid-December last year.)
I’ve loaded up on vitamin C and tissues. We’ve already run out of hand sanitizer in the car.
And yes, the kids and I all got flu shots weeks ago.
I would blame the fact that I have toddler in daycare – which would be fair – except that in my case at least, I was sick before she was! And I know I’m not alone as I read Facebook posts from other mothers.
So it’s put a damper on some of our holidays plans, but we’ll keep trekking. I’ve made chicken soup half a dozen times already and I need to stock up on more vitamin-infused water for the family.
Besides, what’s the holidays without sharing a few germs with friends and family?

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