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What do you do when the kids find the gifts?

Posted by on December 13, 2012 – 8:17 pm

Yes it’s true. My children found a few of their holiday gifts this week.
Well, sort of. What they “found” in the trunk of the mini-van was a set of gifts I’d planned to return. I’d purchased them prior to Thanksgiving. I found one – a popular video game – on sale during Cyber Monday. So I “repurchased” it if you will (plus, I’d brought the wrong version the first time).
I could bust the kids for snooping, but really, it’s hard to “hide” anything in an open mini-van trunk.
There were a few other things in there (accessories for the game) that I’d hoped I could find cheaper, so I threw them in the back of the car to return as well.
It sounds like a lot of work – and it is. I did pretty good keeping to our budget, but that’s partly because I bought things then found them cheaper afterward.
Anyone else have this problem?
Likely, I’ll end up just returning the video game and one of the accessories. The kids “found” them again this morning because I haven’t had a chance to return them!
The calendar keeps clicking and I’m starting to realize how soon Christmas is. I’m going to run this errand to one store and be done – I mean done. I have two skirts and a few baby blankets to sew and I know the girls will love that. My son’s getting said video game, plus all will get two other gifts. We’ll take the next week to focus on the message and story of Christmas.