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Holiday memories to last all year

Posted by on December 27, 2012 – 11:06 am

The wrapping paper’s been put away.
The Christmas tunes are done.
But the memories of this year are many.
We mixed up our holidays traditions in 2012. It started with a trip to the snow – something I hope we can add every year. The kids spent 24 hours with grandparents beginning Dec. 23 where they made cookies, homemade gifts for me and my husband and decorated a gingerbread house. During that time, Mr. Claus and I saw a movie and wrapped all the gifts.
In fact, by the time the kids came home from their grandparents, Christmas Eve Mass and a post-church dinner, presents were under the tree. “Santa’s been here!” they declared when they walked in the house.
Surprisingly, they didn’t touch it. They just marched upstairs for baths and a movie then went to bed.
Some how, my husband and I got away with sleeping in past 7 o’clock Christmas morning (now that’s a tradition I’d like to keep!).
My favorite memory has to be the kids playing in the backyard on their new tree swing. Santa set it up for them to find Christmas morning. They loved it.
Probably the only thing we forgot this year was putting out cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer. But since he came early, no one seemed to notice.
I hope your holidays were memorable and the New Year brings you many, many more.