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School back in session, but forget the idea of ‘normal’

Posted by on January 7, 2013 – 12:54 pm
So, what activities are your children participating in this year?

So, what activities are your children participating in this year?

Children returned to classes this week after winter break.

And while lots of friends posted on Facebook or commented to me that they’re happy life is “back to normal,” I’m convinced there is no “normal” in our household – or maybe in parenthood at all!

Sure, my kids are sitting today in their classes and tonight they’ll come home with homework for the first time in weeks. But it’s the other hours of the day that fluctuate like the daily Stock Market.

Those are the hours before or after school when they have all their “extras” and my minivan puts on a few more miles.

For example, for eight weeks last fall my daughter participated in soccer practice once a week. That ended mid-December. The eight weeks prior, my son had weekly golf lessons.

Previous to that, both children attended weekly tutoring sessions for three months.

See, nothing is ever “normal!” No wonder my Google calendar is confused. While the kids are adjusting to homework again, I’m trying to remember when they have to be where!

Grandparents got my 10-year-old son another round of golf lessons for Christmas. I still need to schedule that (and he is super excited). And I’m finally fulfilling a two-year wish to get the kids into piano class.

If I remember all this right, that means our new schedule is daily school, nightly homework, weekly golf and weekly piano.

And in five months, everything gets tossed up in the air again as summer vacation begins and swim and dive team start.

It certainly makes life interesting and very full and enjoyable for all of us.

At this point, neither big kid has expressed interest in participating in a sport or activity at a competitive level. I suppose when that happens our “once-a-week” activity schedule will greatly change. I’ll embrace that when it happens, but for now, I’ll take our casual approach.

So here’s to the start of a New Year and the fun and change that comes with it – sometimes on a daily basis.

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