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Illness forces this mom into overdrive to slow an active child

Posted by on January 11, 2013 – 5:54 am

SleepytimeSometimes you just have to tell kids to “stop.”

Stop teasing on your sister. Stop interrupting me while I’m on the phone.

Stop picking your nose!

But try telling an active 8-year-old to stop moving, wiggling and jumping around.

I’m facing that this weekend – with serious consequences if my middle child doesn’t follow through. She has pneumonia and the doctor’s primary instruction (after, “take your medicine”) was, “No activity. No jumping around.”

He’s met my daughter, right?

When I found out her x-ray confirmed his suspicion this week, she was already at school. He said she was OK to stay there if she wasn’t running around.

I knew she was going to be sitting on the wall at recess – she didn’t finish her homework the night before – so that wasn’t going to be a problem.

I went to the school anyway because it was my time to volunteer. And what I found was my daughter has an ability to “jump around” without moving from her spot!

Her coughing was persistent. After school, I ordered her to the couch. I’m pretty sure there’s where she’s going to spend today.

This diagnosis came not 24-hours after my story ran in the East Valley Tribune about the wicked flu and respiratory virus season the state is facing.

Last week, both my big kids came down with a respiratory virus. It seemed to clear up fairly quickly, so I thought they were healthy enough when Monday rolled around to start school for the new semester.

But then my daughter’s coughing started anew and by Wednesday night, I figured it was time to see a doctor. He sent us immediately to get x-rays, as in, “There’s a place across the street. Walk there and get them done now.”

So here we are with me trying to figure out how to keep my daughter – who would like to be nowhere else than outside ridding her scooter – sitting on her tush for several days.

Besides lots of books and her new Nook, I’m hoping she’ll sleep. And given the cold front that the Valley is facing, I may not have too many arguments about staying indoors.


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