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Eggs in the freezer, too much TV on and other signs mom is sick

Posted by on February 18, 2013 – 12:06 pm

sneezing womanFriday morning I discovered a carton of eggs in the freezer. For a minute or two I tried to wrap my brain around why my son would have done that.
Then I thought back to the evening before, the incredible headache, the chills, the runny nose – and the mess on the counter.
In my haste to clean it up before collapsing into my pillow, I’m pretty sure I picked up the eggs and threw them in the freezer.
Yup, this mom has a cold.
It really was inevitable. I spent the previous weekend tending a sick 8-year-old with – you guessed it – chills, fever, cough and runny nose. By Wednesday night, I had a sore throat.
By Thursday, I would have volunteered for any medical experiment that involved taking my head off.
And here I am – Monday – and I still feel like someone has a vice around my upper brain or is pumping my ears full of air.
So what did that mean for the weekend? I kept close to home. There was one event already planned – a media day I really wanted to attend, so I did. Prior to leaving the house, I took a few pain killers to keep my head from exploding. I don’t have a fever or cough anymore (those went away Friday), but my nose apparently didn’t get the memo that the virus was trying to vacate this body.
So at our house Saturday evening, Sunday and today, the TV has been on a lot. Oh, the kids have played outside, too. They even did about three hours of yard work. But I hear cartoons upstairs now and I don’t think I’ll be stopping them.
Time for mommy to drink some tea.

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  • Tookie88 says:

    Try being a teacher around sick kids all day because parents can’t or won’t take time off to tend to their sick children. I am a walking kleenex as kids sneeze on me, cough in my face, and throw-up on my shoes…and I teach 5th grade. Please don’t get me started on the school nurses who send obviously sick kids back to class.