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Stilling the wakeful mind that keeps mommy from sleep

Posted by on March 6, 2013 – 7:40 am

126_2580434Last night brought little sleep. Three wakeful children each made their way to my bedside before midnight. Coughs, bad dreams and thirst kept babes – and their mom – from getting deep into dream land.

Problem is, once I’m awake, it’s difficult to fall back asleep.

So I ponder.

I ponder on the lack of recipes in my repertoire and search out ideas at midnight on Pinterest. I ponder on the need to connect to readers so I dive onto Twitter.

Then I tell my fingers and my phone to be still and I just sit in bed.

The mind wanders to unfinished projects, uncompleted goals, worry and questions.

I should have grabbed a piece of paper, wrote it down, put it aside.

The inability to fall back asleep inflicts many moms, I would guess. There are too many unanswered thoughts during the day that come to mind in the quiet stillness of night. I should probably learn to meditate, but that would be another item for the never-ending “to do” list of life.

Moms need each other, quiet time and lots of prayer. But I realize I don’t make time enough for any of those. I make plenty of excuses, but not time.

So I tried to turn that around last night. I turned to prayer and drift asleep, a sign I take that that was just what I needed.



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