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Mom needs to step back to get science fair project complete

Posted by on March 9, 2013 – 4:44 am

My son’s first science fair project required a lot of patience on my part, a few hours with grandpa and a lot of tongue biting.
My 10-year-old son, a fourth-grader, came up with is own project and – with the help of grandpa – designed it.
His test was on the speed of three bottles filled with different materials – water, rocks and sand. The hypothesis was that if the bottles all weighed the same, they would travel down a ramp in the same amount of time.
A few weeks ago, he got together with my father-in-law and built the ramp. Last week, we did the test.
So far, so good.
Even his little sisters got involved by taking photos or doing their own toss of the bottle down the ramp (which didn’t count for the experiment).
But once he started putting together his science board, I was flustered.
The spelling had to be correct. The titles had to be a certain size. And, please, oh, please, make sure the photos are straight.
Oh, wait. This was HIS project.
After a few minutes of my frustration, he looked at me, “Mom, let me do it!”
I stepped back. It didn’t matter what I thought it should look like, it had to be done by him… crooked pictures, mismatched colors and all.
I’m real proud of him and what he did. And the best part is he did do it himself.
Lesson learned.

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