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Remember: They grow up so fast

Posted by on March 22, 2013 – 11:56 pm

I’m taking Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5 minute challenge today. That’s five minutes of unedited writing with a theme. This week, it’s REMEMBER.

Time spent as a family makes for a perfect day.

Time spent as a family makes for a perfect day.

I want to remember it all: the way my girls giggle at night as they try to hide in one bed, the image of my son with his nose in a book morning, noon and night.
I want to remember seeing the back of my husband and daughter cuddled on the couch watching the latest “Alaska” series you’ve tumbled across on television.
I want to remember the giggles in the morning when you should be getting ready for school, but instead, all three kids are swinging from our tree swing – together.
I need to remember these images and not the times I lose my cool and snap when I should have patience. I need to remember the gentle breathing of my 2-year-old as she quickly falls asleep after a long day – and not the many meltdowns she had because of a missed nap.
It seems impossible that eight years ago my oldest was that age, impossible to put to bed without crawling in with him.
Not much has changed. Memory serves me well there.
Memory also recalls another blonde, cubby face child of mine swinging for hours at the park, when it was just the two of us.
I must remember the promise I made today to the youngest – we’ll visit the park this weekend. I must remember the promise I made to myself – don’t sweat the little stuff. They’re kids. Let them be kids.
Remember to kiss them each night and say our prayers. Remember to hug them tight. Remember to breath and count to 10 and give them those extra moments to get out the door and settled in the car because they’re young and little slow and that’s OK because they WANT to do it themselves without help.
Remember to take photos and PUT THEM IN A BOOK because one day, I may not remember, but I’ll see it there. How young they once were and all the fun times we truly enjoyed together.


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  • Visiting from Five Minute Friday – you’ve captured such a perfect “mom” moment in your post – balancing the to-do with the ta-da and the some-day with the now. It reminds me of the book “When the Handwriting on the Wall is in Brown Crayon” :)

    What’s really neat about your post though, is that it gave me the opportunity to find your blog. We’re about an hour further east of the East Valley area, but I’m really glad I found the EVMoms Blog through the Five Minute Friday challenge. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and to following the blog.

    Have a great night & hope to see future Five Minute Friday posts here.

  • Michelle says:

    Reading & writing : so glad we found each other, too!