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Spring brings long list of fun activities

Posted by on April 2, 2013 – 7:53 am

Should we go for a hike at Boyce Arborteum or head to free jazz performances in Gilbert this weekend?
I keep reading about lots of activities I’d like to take the children to in the next few weeks: from the “weekend of wonder” at the Mesa Grande Cultural Park to the Highland/ASU Jazz Festival in Gilbert and Pa-Pow! Superhero Adventure Run to the Health Connect Expo in Chandler.
We also have karate and birthday parties. And before the weather gets too hot, I know my oldest two want to spend time at the neighborhood park with their friends. Even my little one asks to play with a neighbor girl her age.
Last night was a riot. Our friends bought a huge bubble ball that the children crawled into and used to roll down the hill. And yes, they offered me a chance to get in (forget it!).
Oh, if there were only more hours in the weekend!

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