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Brave to write, brave to live

Posted by on May 2, 2013 – 11:07 pm

I’ve been gone too long, my friends. But yet, I’ve always been here.
Deadlines loom. Story lists pile up. Breaking news breaks.
family.drawingYet each day, I see the same headline from A MONTH AGO on the EVMOMS site.
I must write it, I tell myself. I will when the (fill in the blank, dishes, other story, homework, science project, parent-teacher conference) is done.
What brought me back?
A challenge.
So here’s my answer to Lisa-Jo Baker’s challenge this week.
You could say the subject matter has been on my mind:
Brave is my young friend’s friend. Not yet 30 I think. Young babe at home. News that cancer is in the body.
She writes of her preparations. The cancer came back afterall… certainly trying to beat it a second time won’t be as easy.
She stares into her son’s eyes and wonders if she’ll make it to walk him to his first day of kindergarten.
How many of us thought that wouldn’t be a possibility when we breathed life into the world? Kindergarten. Graduation. The first dance at a wedding.
Would it happen? Of course. No doubt (ok, maybe a little doubt on the last since I birthed her at nearly 40).
But still. The first two. Absolutely.
To wonder if it wouldn’t happen at all?
She’s not alone. Many moms take on less challenges daily.
Life alone. Life with multiples. Life wondering when a meal would appear.
So brave is a writer I know that she packed up her half dozen kids and husband and took them around the world to show them the hurt outside of our country. To show them the hope. To let them experience reality beyond the farm.
Is it born? Is it learned? Is it in you?
Brave is the mom who sends children to school each morning, not questioning whether or not they would be there the next day.
Brave are the moms of Newtown who still, now, today, make that drive everyday to a new school, a new location, seeing same faces, yet there they are together. Again.
Brave are the children who go without question. Brave, too, are the ones whoe relive the horror, yet, get on the bus.
Brave are the runners who travelled across country to run again after Boston.
We embrace it as a country. We desire it as individuals. We idolize it in our neighbors, friends and strangers who manage to show more courage than we think we can garner.
And yet, from them, we see it’s possible to be brave. To face reality. To face injustice. To face fear.
The brave is in you.
It’s only a matter of finding.

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