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Survey: Moms of 3 report most stress

Posted by on May 7, 2013 – 6:24 am
My 3

My three kids last year wearing shirts I made with their ages on them. I used it for my Christmas card. “Our kids are cute, you know,” my husband told me. “It’s OK to show their faces.” Hey! I was going for creative.

Well, this comes as no surprise to this working mom of three! When reporting how much stress they feel, a survey found that moms of three children feel more stressed than moms of one or two children.
But more stressed out than moms with four or more children? Yup, that’s what the survey found.
I can see the point made by one mom in the survey – that at four kids, the idea of the perfect house, routine, etc., goes out the door. But still, there are more doctor appointments, more parent-teacher conferences, and more bedtime stories to read, right?
How do you feel about this survey?
When the day gets long, I try to remember to take a walk, even if it’s in a circle around the playground while the children play.
Let’s just say I haven’t remembered that much lately.
But I also find days I just have to “let go” of the state of the house – leave the dishes in the sink, leave the clothes in the dryer, leave the dust on the floor.
Thankfully, this weekend, my husband and I rallied the troops and together, all five of us did clean the house. It was fun to watch the 2-year-old using the vacuum hose to clean up crumbs on the couch (with daddy’s help). But hey, it got the job done.
And since we are so busy this week already (did I mention we’ve made a visit to ER?), we won’t be home much.
Maybe the house will stay clean until Mother’s Day. Maybe.

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  • Dad of six says:

    The biggest impact to my wife (and to a lesser extent) myself came at child #1 and child #3. The first child changed the household which previously had no children, while child #3 meant that the kids outnumbered us. As the additional children came, all two years apart, they better absorbed one another’s energy making it easier for my wife and myself and they also kept an eye on one another — with so many children, no one gets away with anything. Also, as more children enter the household, they more easily adapt to the norms of the older children so Mom and Dad don’t need to be explaining everything to each one again, they just copy their older siblings. We are glad that we spent an enormous amount of quality time with the first two because the others then followed their lead. We have continued to spend quality time with each, and as time has gone by life has become easier because the older children eventually help more with the younger ones.