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Survey: Moms complete 26 tasks each morning (that’s all?)

Posted by on July 11, 2013 – 12:41 pm

kids.careerThis morning, I awoke and it just felt “late.”

After scrambling to find my glasses and cell phone, I realized my feeling was correct.

The clock said 7:47.

My daughter’s dive team practices at 7:50 each morning.

Pretty much all I did next was grab the toddler (and stick her on the potty), told my oldest daughter to get in the car, tossed on a pair of shorts, reminded my son to get dressed and yell, “bye” to my husband.

I didn’t even brush my teeth.

Once my daughter was at practice, I raced home, packed my lunch, grabbed my big kids’ lunch for the babysitter, took a shower, threw the youngest in a bathing suit for “water day,” got dressed, picked up my work bag, put the two kids in the car and returned to the pool – just in time for the end of practice.

It’s no surprise to me when a survey of moms shows that we have at least 26 tasks to complete in the morning before we leave the house.

The survey was done as part of a campaign by Jul-Eye to show why moms may forget to make important doctor appointments.

Did I mention that my middle child never did have her “well visit” this year? Or the fact that I’m supposed to go see a cardiologist and skin doctor annually and I think it’s been two years?

What tasks do you forget the most? Which ones to you feel you “must” do before you leave the house?

Check out the various stories on this survey. They’re good to read while you’re sitting in the waiting room (if you remember to make that important doctor appointment!).

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