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What will you celebrate with your child today?

Posted by on July 15, 2013 – 7:14 am

plateI woke up in my own bed this morning.
Read that again: I woke up in my own bed!
I did the happy dance in my head, “My children slept all night! My children slept all night.”
Then I felt a nudge in my back and a bit of hair on my neck that wasn’t my own and wasn’t my husband’s: It belongs to my 8-year-old.
OK, so maybe they didn’t sleep all night, but for once in a LOOOONG time, I didn’t wake up, go to child’s room to comfort her and wind up in the bed asleep. And only the 8 year old was in bed with me. That means the 2-year-old really DID sleep all night!
Sometimes in parenthood, it’s the little things that make for the big celebrations: like sleeping all night, a child reading ONE small book out loud, the dishes put away without arguing.
Sometimes there are big celebrations, too: Completing a swim team season, even one that meant a last place finish, because joining in is as important as finishing first; or going to the end of the diving board and re-doing the dive that ended with a bruise, a bump and tears the previous week.
Celebrations in our house don’t necessarily end in “rewards,” like a toy or a treat. Sometimes, they’re giant bear hugs, a call to grandparents and a photo on mom’s iPhone. I don’t always buy the team trophy when do soccer. I’ve been known to hand out a handmade certificate to my child instead.
My 2-year-old likes to give “fist bumps” and that often gives her the biggest thrill.
Our summer’s been filled with little celebrations, like trips to the library or an extra episode of “Jessi” on Netflix.
I think I’ll even break out our celebration plate for breakfast this morning – a red one given to us with orders to use it a lot.
What will you celebrate with your children today?

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