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Eggs in the freezer, too much TV on and other signs mom is sick

February 18, 2013 – 12:06 pm
sneezing woman

Friday morning I discovered a carton of eggs in the freezer. For a minute or two I tried to wrap my brain around why my son would have done that.
Then I thought back to the …

Illness forces this mom into overdrive to slow an active child

January 11, 2013 – 5:54 am

Sometimes you just have to tell kids to “stop.”
Stop teasing on your sister. Stop interrupting me while I’m on the phone.
Stop picking your nose!
But try telling an active 8-year-old to stop moving, wiggling and jumping …

Getting through the holidays one sniffle at a time

December 12, 2012 – 4:44 am

A red nose here. Some green snot there.
Ah, the holidays are upon us.
Since just before Thanksgiving, someone in my family has battled “something” just about daily. Just when I felt I was done with the …

What choice do you make when it comes to vaccines?

February 16, 2012 – 10:06 am

Arizona allows children to attend school without vaccines as long as parents sign an exemption form. When diseases appear that could lead to a large outbreak – such as the case of the mumps in …

What keeps you healthy in winter?

November 21, 2011 – 9:37 am

I spent Sunday on the couch with a fever-warm baby in my arms. Signs Saturday night were that she had an allergic reaction to food (tomatoes!), but by early Sunday, it was clear more was …

Three sick kids and one sick hubby equal few blog posts

February 24, 2011 – 9:49 am

I was drained last week. Completely. Utterly. Drained.
The weekend didn’t help.
With my husband down with the flu (that then spread to my two older kids, though to much less degree since both had flu shots) …

The flu never looks the same

October 29, 2009 – 4:23 pm

With the flu wrecking havoc across Valley hospitals and schools, it’s inevitable we will all know someone who gets sick.
Count the Reese household as a likely candidate: We have two children in school. Two young …