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Padding error

September 2, 2010 – 1:58 pm

Dear bra makers:
Since when did you put padding in nursing bras?
I am the mom to a charming, sweet month-old baby. The last few weeks of my life has been consumed with feeding this little one. …

C-section or VBAC: The guidelines are changing

July 22, 2010 – 9:54 am

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a new set of guidelines Wednesday that says more women should be able to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), saying it’s even safe for some …

Baby countdown: ‘Just in case’ I better get this blog written

July 21, 2010 – 11:30 am

It’s been a “just in case” kind of 24 hours.
As in “just in case” I go into labor, here are a few things that need to get done.
Call it a working mom’s way of nesting.
It …

What to name Baby No. 3?

June 30, 2010 – 12:31 pm

Picking a name for this child is not proving to be an easy task.
Keep in mind, my husband and I also didn’t expect to have No. 3.
With our first two children, it was easy. Their …

Pregnancy cravings: At least this one's healthy

March 4, 2010 – 9:31 am

I’ve had a few friends ask me if I’ve had pregnancy cravings. I didn’t think so, until…
I realized I was at the grocery store for the third weekend in a row buying fresh, out-of-the-oven baked …

Let the (pregnancy) questions begin

February 11, 2010 – 9:59 am

So my kids started with the baby questions quicker than I anticipated.
In fact, the first DAY we told them, my son saw me eating pizza. “The baby is going to like that,” he said.
Then he …

Life's surprises come in small packages

February 10, 2010 – 4:00 pm

For five years, my husband and I have debated having another child.
We hesitated for a number of reasons: my age (old enough to be “at risk”), the kids getting older (now 5 and 7 …