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My Favorite

August 29, 2009 – 5:31 pm

What do photographers spend their time doing besides taking photos? Quite often we study other photographers.  One of my favorite photo blogs is by Chicago Tribune staff photographer Scott Strazzante: Shooting from the Hip
He has …

Staying Cool

August 29, 2009 – 5:21 pm

Today the Greater Phoenix Area received another excessive heat warning by the National Weather Service and it looks like it will go on through the weekend. Expect temps from 108 to 114. Hmmm, sounds like …

The Wild Art

August 28, 2009 – 5:49 pm

The almost total lack of torrential rains this monsoon season has me missing the annual wild weather art. This time last year the photo staff was busy tracking and documenting the havoc unleashed across the …

Freshmen Crossing

August 27, 2009 – 6:09 pm

Every so often on assignment something extraordinary stands out. While waiting to take mug shots of varsity football players at Queen Creek High School, I noticed the freshmen crossing the track in a way that …

You don't always need a tripod

August 25, 2009 – 6:15 pm

So I ran into a situation last Friday night after grocery shopping and I thought I’d share with you.
After leaving the store with a cart full of food, I found myself watching a pretty good …

Staying cool in the shade.

August 25, 2009 – 10:29 am

Back to School

August 10, 2009 – 10:03 am

Val Vista Lakes first-grader Katie Everett,6, left, is greeted by her principal Susie Apel after arriving to school on the bus on the first day of school in the Gilbert school district.