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If at first you don't succeed, try try again!

October 22, 2009 – 12:45 pm

Last week my blog was on how I drove 500 miles in search of fall colors and how I failed. If’s there’s one thing to know about me is that I don’t like to fail. …

CHASING THE LIGHT! ALL FOR NAUGHT! (for the most part)

October 13, 2009 – 1:21 pm

Yesterday a buddy and I took a road trip in search of fall colors, and 12 hours and 520 miles later I’ve got NOTHING to show for it! I guess several things led up …

'Wild Art' — Words photojournalists hate.

October 8, 2009 – 6:34 pm

Asking a photojournalist to go look for wild art (see definition below) is like asking a 2-year old to give up an ice cream cone. First you get a blank stare, then it’s followed by …


October 4, 2009 – 4:54 pm

One element that can make a photo look interesting is the use of repetition. I found this row of stalls while shooting a horse show in Gilbert that created a nice pattern, especially when the …