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How to Illustrate Allergies

Posted by on February 27, 2010 – 4:48 pm

What’s an OK (and kinda boring) way to illustrate tree pollen for our story Rain, Warmer Weather Triggering Allergies ? Take a photo of a tree in bloom. What’s a better way? Get a photo of a bee picking up all that pollen.

I have to admit I didn’t plan on taking a photo of the bee. I was planning to shoot a flowering tree branch hanging over a sidewalk in downtown Chandler. The connection of photographing a bee for a story on pollen and allergies didn’t dawn on me until I was almost done with the shoot. I was about to walk back to my car when the motion of few bees buzzing around a branch caught my eye. It was a head-smacking moment when I realized that was THE shot.  Going through the edit I was happy with this photo and glad the buzzing had caught my attention.

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  • Devon Adams says:

    Great shot. I saw one around a branch I was shooting a few weeks ago and caught it. There are a ton around now, and now I have a better idea of why!

  • I was shooting a story about how honey bees are commercially used in farming a few years ago and thought it’d be a great idea to get as close as possible to the hive in the field so I could get a good swarm photo.

    Lucky for me the bees were not Africanized because they started pinging on me and bouncing off my head near the camera en masse.

    I didn’t get a single sting, but they let me know to keep my distance.