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The right place at the wrong time

Posted by on February 24, 2012 – 11:28 am
I thought I was in the right place on the right time, however, I was wrong. I, along with numerous other still photographers were allowed in to photograph the introductions of the Republican candidate debate. We were brought into the Mesa Art Center a few minutes before they walked out on stage for the live CNN covered debate. The photographers were split into two groups. Some entered the theater on the left while the group I was in entered on the right. We walked down in front and kneeled down at the edge of the stage as each candidate was introduced. After the introductions, they stood with their hands over their hearts for a singing of the National Anthem. This is when I found myself in the wrong spot. Choir members walked out on the stage and stood right in my way. There was nothing I could do. I pretty much got the shots I needed before.

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