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About Nerdvana

Original Nerdvana logo

Welcome to Arizona’s Original Geek Blog.

The brainchild of journalists Jayson Peters and Scott Kirchhofer, Nerdvana has been covering the local pop culture scene and its many fan communities since August 2007. But Nerdvana’s domain extends far beyond our sun-drenched Valley to report and comment on all the things those local fanboys and -girls obsess over: “Sci-fi, fantasy, TV, film, comics and games: All the keys to your inner geekdom” — that was Nerdvana’s original tagline, and it’s still an accurate description of who we are and what we do.

Nerdvana began as one of many staff blogs hosted by the Pulitzer Prize-winning East Valley Tribune. Today it continues under the Tribune’s parent company, 10/13 Communications, and is one of the publication’s most popular online verticals. Although the blog’s founders have moved on to other professional pursuits, they still contribute to its success along with a passionate core of community bloggers.

Nerdvana has won Best Features Blog honors from the Arizona Press Club (twice placing 1st after once placing 2nd) and our Twitter feed @nerdvana was twice recommended, along with celebrities and scientists, to followers of Wired magazine’s popular GeekDad blog.

Story ideas are always welcome, and unsolicited submissions of content will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Nerdvana’s original introduction:

“Geek” and “nerd” used to be negative terms. After all, the former once referred to carnival performers who decapitated live chickens with their teeth, and the latter was the subject of a revenge campaign that began in the mid-’80s and stretched into the ’90s.

But these labels have evolved over time to be badges of honor among those who renounce conformity, as well as anyone who is passionate about a hobby. You can be a computer geek or a comic book nerd or even a Board Game Geek and still stand tall with the jocks. You can even be a sports geek! (I like to refer to fantasy sports as “Dungeons & Dragons” for jocks.)

Everybody geeks out sometime.

Welcome to Nerdvana, your guide to all things geeky. This blog is meant to be a spotlight on the newest and greatest things in geekdom, from comics and gaming to cult classics and TV obsessions.

Nerdvana is about all these things, and more. Except the chicken thing. That’s where we draw the line.

Got a question or story idea? Use the form below to send us an email,or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

— Jayson Peters (Original Nerdvana logo by Scott Kirchhofer)