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How to celebrate Edgar Rice Burroughs at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016

February 7, 2016 – 8:00 am
John Carter, Warlord of Mars #24

Among the Edgar Rice Burroughs-related guests at this year’s Amazing Arizona Comic Con are Chris Claremont and George Perez.

Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Good mannered Misses meet ghouls

February 4, 2016 – 7:30 am
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

If you’ve always felt that early 19th-century literary works and their film adaptations do not feature quite enough monsters, then Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is the film for you.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016 to celebrate love and war

February 2, 2016 – 7:30 am
Rob Liefeld and Deadpools at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015

If it’s Valentine’s weekend then it’s time once again celebrate your love… of comics!

Review: The Finest Hours – Insurmountably odd

January 29, 2016 – 7:30 am
The Finest Hours

Coast Guard heroes face insurmountable odds in a desperate attempt to rescue a ship lost at sea. Unfortunately, The Finest Hours is simply insurmountably odd.

‘Lords of the Jungle’ promises a historic team-up

January 23, 2016 – 3:30 pm
Lords of the Jungle

This March, two comic icons clash in the pop culture event of the century!

Review: The Revenant – The art of survival

January 8, 2016 – 7:50 am
The Revenant

Art film meets survival story in this latest effort by Alejandro González Iñárritu. This is one of the most brutal and beautiful films you are likely to see.

2015 Cinema Recap and Top 10 Lists: Robots, Rappers, Rogues and Revenants

January 5, 2016 – 5:00 pm
The Hateful Eight

Another year at the movies has come and gone and by my reckoning there were more winners than losers in 2015.

Going Solo: Dark deeds and tender moments in a galaxy far, far away

December 28, 2015 – 8:00 am
Han Solo

It’s a scene that fans and film students will be contemplating and talking about for generations.

Classic Comic Cover Corner (New Year Edition) – Famous Funnies #138

December 27, 2015 – 7:45 am
Famous Funnies #138 – January, 1946

Faster than a speeding DeLorean a new year is upon us once again, and nothing brings in the New Year like a monkey on a jackhammer pounding on a washtub.

Review: The Hateful Eight – Tarantino twists the wild west

December 25, 2015 – 2:55 pm
The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino puts his special sort of demented twist on the classic western genre in his 8th film, The Hateful Eight. Like the bastard son of Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah, the avant garde writer/director …

Review: Joy – Few tidings of comfort

December 25, 2015 – 2:55 pm

Filmmaker David O. Russell strangely sways off course in his latest effort, Joy, starring his frequent collaborators, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

Review: Concussion – Head trauma drama

December 25, 2015 – 7:30 am

The new film, Concussion, wants to ruin your football season.

Review: The Big Short – Economy collapse made cool

December 23, 2015 – 7:30 am
The Big Short

The Big Short does an excellent and entertaining job of making the economic complexities of the Great Recession understandable to the average moviegoer.

Classic Comic Cover Corner (Holiday Edition) – Sensation Comics #38

December 20, 2015 – 7:45 am
Sensation Comics #38 – February, 1945

On a cold Christmas evening in the winter of 44-45, Wonder Woman was busy delivering presents to poor children while disguised as “Miss Santa Claus.”