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The Blog is Yours: Atomic comments

Posted by on August 30, 2011 – 6:48 am

Atomic Comics (Tim Hacker, East Valley Tribune)

The sudden closure of Atomic Comics last weekend has deeply impacted the Valley’s pop culture community. I’ve already had my say. Now, here’s a look at some others’ reaction right here on Nerdvana (and by all means, keep the conversation going in the comments below).

Tim took issue with the way it went down:

Yes, it is too bad that Atomic Comics had to leave us. However I find it extremely distasteful to do so while not informing their loyal customers. What about us subscribers that have our books paid for but find the doors shut and no phone calls to let us know when we can pick up our books. What about a courtesy call to let us know the doors were shutting. No return phone calls from the answering machine. I was loyal to “All About Books and Comics” for years but made the switch a few years ago. BAD MISTAKE

MesaDad had something to add to Lee Whiteside’s list of remaining local comic book shops (duly noted, Dad — and thanks!):

The list made the Atomic Comic story is missing Collector Haven, one of the best stores in the valley. I buy all my new issues here.
Collector Haven is located just North of Main St. on the West side of Lindsay Rd.
116 N. Lindsay Rd. Suite #1, Mesa, AZ 85213 · Get Directions

Mon – Wed: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thurs – Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Tuxedo Mask’s question echoes Tim’s in content if not in tone (with an attempt at an answer of sorts by me):

So what happens to the persons that had a pull list with Atomic Comics and did not pick up their comics prior to 8/22? Am I out of my comics that were already paid for?? I didn’t get a chance to go pick up my books for at least 3 weeks and I guess I’m out of my books and my money. Thanks.

Owen Stupka chimes in with his thoughts on an East Valley successor:

Gotham would be a great place. Glad to see subscribers getting taken care of in the fallout.

Joe crashed the party early on to enlighten us with his down-to-earth wisdom:

A whole store containing just comic books? What, are you kidding? This is 2011, the age of the internet. It’s amazing to me that these stores even opened up for business, to begin with.

Dan Crossland, on the other hand, is putting his money where his mouth is:

I am heading over to Samurai Comics today to support another great comic shop so Phoenix doesn’t lose any more.

East Valley Tribune photo by Tim Hacker

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  • Carolann Quinn

    The loss of Atomic Comics has left a void especially for those of us who do not have cars. It was a staple for those of us who can actually read, Joe (Oh and by the way, wthere weren’t always computers. Obviously, you are too young to remember that time.) I remember coming to the Valley in 1995 and one of the first places that my husband introduced me to was Atomic Comics and my supply of MtG cards. We went in a bought a box. My daughter will be coming to ASU next fall and Atomic Comics was her supplier for anime. Now that Border’s is gone and Atomic Comics, where will she get her anime?

  • Pax Whitmore

    My Honors thesis project at ASU was on the mythology of the American superhero, and I spent many hours in Atomic Comics, picking their brains for ‘research’ and enjoying spending grant money on comic books. They also hosted a pretty sweet Doctor Who day last year. I will miss them dearly.