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Michael Keaton dishes on Tim Burton’s Batman

Posted by on January 5, 2013 – 10:28 pm

Marc Maron’s WTF is my favorite podcast, because I’ve been a stand-up comedy nerd for as long as I can remember. Maron’s interviews with fellow stand-up comedians are the most insightful bits of industry dish you can find online, from his recent discussion with Budd Friedman about the beginnings of the Improv, to his infamous, heated confrontation with Gallagher.  Some would call Maron neurotic, but since the ’80s are over, I’ll dub him passionate and honest.

The latest WTF transcends the show’s usual trappings with guest Michael Keaton and discusses the makings of many geek culture favorite films, including Beetlejuice and Batman. I highly recommend the episode, especially since Keaton reveals (at least to me, as I’d never heard this before), that he passed on the third Batman movie because it didn’t delve into Year One material, like Batman Begins did. Listen to WTF with Marc Maron, with guest Michael Keaton, here.