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Somebody broke the multiverse: Largest gathering of Supermen ever

Posted by on August 1, 2013 – 10:34 am

BBC News has reported the largest gathering of individuals dressed as Superman ever, confirmed by Guinness World Records.  The Blue Big sea of humanity is remarkable to behold in the images posted, showing the 867 Supermen (and women and children) in attendance.  If any of the late night talk show hosts are reading, here are a few terrible one-liners, compliments of your friendly, neighborhood geek here in Phoenix:

– “And somewhere, 867 Lex Luthors scowl in disgust.”

– “867 Supermen?  One Batman can still beat them all.”

– “And then 867 old ladies showed up to drive their sons back to their basements.”

– “Because at 868 Supermen, it is no longer technically a Fortress of Solitude.”

– “Unfortunately, Zack Snyder still found a way to screw them all up.”

– “Coincidentally, Jim Lee then earned the Guinness World Record for stealing the most pairs of red underwear ever.”

– “And then, Warner Bros. filed 867 lawsuits.”

Post your own one-liners below!  Check back for updates throughout the week!